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Is about HOPE that the Canadian Government will provide human rights for our fellow Canadians in the Womb ...

The number of our fellow brothers and sisters with no human rights killed without defense or choice ... Albania (1975-2006)  578,622  Armenia (1992-2006)  281,827   Australia (1970-2007)  1,728,500  Austria (1960-2001)  594,251  Azerbaijan (1992-2006)  357,487  Bangladesh (1995) 730,000  Barbados (1992-1995)  1,000  Belarus (1992-2006)  2,060,320  Belgium (1968-2006)  372,651  Belize (1985-1996)  8,609  Brazil (1991) 1,444,000  Bulgaria (1953-2006)  5,594,536  Canada (1968-2005)  2,893,870  Channel Islands (1968-2007)  12,455  Chile (1990)  160,000   China (1971-2006)  299,571,678   Columbia (1989) 288,000  Costa Rica (1995-2005)  95,255  Croatia (1992-2006)  258,817  Cuba (1968-2005)  4,431,170  Czech Republic (1993-2006)  3,374,079  Czechoslovakia (1953-1992)  3,676,501  Denmark (1939-2006)  822,089  Dominican Republic (1995-2005)  221,990  Egypt (1996) 324,000  Estonia (1992-2006)  258,180  Finland (1951-2006)  611,340  France (1936-2006)  5,959,461  French Guiana (1984-2006)  23,884  Georgia (1992-2006)  399,065  Germany (1944-2007)  3,740,353  (East) Germany (1948-1989)  1,744,445  Greece (1971-2003)  193,383  Greenland (1967-2005)  24,249  Guadeloupe (1976-2006)  83,378  Guyana (1970-2003)  43,614  Hong Kong (1973-2005)  492,972  Hungary (1949-2006)  5,925,784  Iceland (1960-2005)  24,137  India (1960-2000)  13,841,201  Israel (1979-2006)  500,008  Italy (1968-2004)  4,403,860  Japan (1949-2005)  36,802,431  Kazakhstan (1992-2006)  2,669,774     Korea (South)  (1961-1999)  4,566,700  Kosovo (2005-2006) 11,154  Kyrgyzstan (1992-2006) 462,139  Latvia (1992-2006) 313,469  Lithuania (1992-2006) 326,532  Macedonia (1994-2006) 133,838  Martinique (1976-2006) 58,026  Mexico (1980-2006) 533,826  Moldova (1992-2006) 522,683  Mongolia (1984-2006) 337,737  Montenegro (2006) 1,699  Netherlands (1968-2006) 786,718  New Caledonia (1997-1998) 2,994  New Zealand (1964-2006) 356,188  Nigera (1996) 610,000  Norway (1954-2006) 554,517  Panama (1972-2000) 159  Panama Canal Zone (1970-1978) 398  Peru (1989) 271,000  Philippines (1994) 401,000  Poland (1955-2006) 6,384,057  Portugal (1972-2005) 10,178  Puerto Rico (1991-2005) 77,717  Qatar (1995-2005)  1,380  Reunion (1976-2006) 132,154  Romania (1958-2006) 21,065,391  Russia (1992-2004) 32,045,451  Saint Helena (1985-1990) 61  Serbia (1992-2006) 914,570  Seychelles (1997-2006) 4,465  Singapore (1970-2006) 548,501  Slovakia (1993-2006) 381,739  Slovenia (1992-2006) 133,781  South Africa (1971-2005) 552,005  Spain (1941-2005) 1,284,724  Suriname (1994) 262  Sweden (1939-2007) 1,350,433  Switzerland (1996-2005) 397,521  Tajikistan (1992-2006) 396,630  Tunisia (1965-2003) 537,414  Turkey (1993-2003) 768,709  Turkmenistan (1992-2006) 372,396  Turks and Caicos Islands (2005) 188  U.S.S.R. (1922-1991) 287,872,383  Ukraine (1992-2006) 7,884,890  United Kingdom (1958-2007) 6,104,441  United States (1926-2007) 47,671,878  Uzbekistan (1992-2006) 1,304,700  Venezuela (1968) 3,085  Vietnam (1976-2006) 20,904,023  Yugoslavia (1955-1991) 5,396,261  Zambia (1983) 1,200  sub-total (1922-2007) 857,743,860

"Global Abortion Summary" Section VIII by Wm. Robert Johnston   (actual 10% above posted) 

Countries not listed above have not reported abortion stats       

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The Answer … is LOVE !

This page offers up the answer not only to ending abortion but the answer to ALL our social and economic problems that each and every one of us has in our lives today throughout the world.

The ONE inclusive element of every religion, every belief, and every truth in our lives as human beings is ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself.’

God so loved the world that He gave His ONLY Begotten Son to die for our sins so He could save ALL mankind to live in everlasting peace and happiness with Him in Heaven.

The threat of terrorism is perhaps the most dominant ‘news’ event in our lives today.  Since the beginning of time all the people of the world have been affected in some way or another by the threat of intimidation (hatred) of one group of believers against another’s … women against men, Muslims against Christians, Conservative against Liberal, Republican against Democrat, Protestant against Catholic, law breakers against law enforcers , pro-choicer against pro-lifer.   

The most basic of all life’s (human, animal, and plant) existence is the co-existence of male and female.  Without both together there would be no next generation, no procreation of humans, animals or plants, and no life - PERIOD.

Throughout the Middle East (Islamic and Muslim beliefs) where life began with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (somewhere at the source of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) and where it is all suppose to end, the relationship between male and female exists without love.  When a male and female eventually come together it is the result of a distorted and predetermined social way of life with absolutely NOTHING to do with love, other than the love of money, power, or notoriety.  A man does not get to pick or choose his partner and women are bartered away at their parent’s (father’s) discretions.  There is no attraction, feeling, or love taken into consideration.  As a result, in nearly all cases, the presence of love, in the most basic of unions necessary for the continuation of life is non-existent.

All life consists of opposites … light or dark, truth or lie, good or evil, life or death, love or hate.  Considering the union of male or female in the Middle East … without love there can only remain hate.  This hate weaves its way throughout their society.  A man may not hate his wife enough to kill her or visa versa but the potential certainly does exist.  The men in this type of society, needing to express their identity as a male, learn to vent this hatred in other directions - hatred toward one another, hatred toward their government, hatred toward other countries with the end result leading to fighting, revolution, or war.  

Many 'Westerners' believe, and rightly so, that even after all the fighting is wound up in the Middle East and all our nations soldiers come home, whatever ‘peace’ is achieved will NEVER be a lasting condition in the region.  Without love at the most basic level between male and female, hatred will prevail and bring the entire region back to its norm of existence.

We, in the west, can easily criticize their way of life without looking at the ‘plank in our own eye’ because most of us know about love and have it in our lives.  The parts of our society without love know different.  Our children brought up in a family without love turn elsewhere to find it in extra curricular activities or groups, in drinking or drug abuse, in gangs, in ‘revolutionary’ activities, in abortion (seeking love of self), or in death by suicide (giving up on love).  Who are we to judge the conditions or way of life in the Middle East when we suffer the same degradations in our own society?

If love of one another was prevalent in all our social levels we would have no abuse or hatred … no gangs, no drug or alcohol ‘problems’, no child pornographers, no corrupt government officials, no stealing or killing of one another, no revolutions, and NO ABORTIONS!  Let's provide our 'cornerstones' of the next generation (Mothers) with the highest levels of support and best possible tools to give us the most intelligent, caring, and loving next generation.

When are we going to hear, learn, and PRACTICE what ALL great men and women have to show and tell us about life?  John Lennon, Mother Theresa, most Popes, and many, many more … including the greatest of ALL men ... Our Lord and Saviour of ALL mankind ... Jesus.



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